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Adam Carolla and Garrison Keiller both have an unsettling lack of affect.

I'll add to the earlier Nell Carter vote and for the same reason of a certain manic, exhausting energy.

Of course they creep you out, they've made a career out of playing creeps!

R297, Wilson looks good in that photo, I'm hard-pressed to say what it is that totally creeps me out about him.

When I saw him as the romantic lead in Les Miserables, I kept thinking, WTF?!?

I am compelled to place my thumb over her chin, hiding it in order to bring the proportions of her face into better symmetry.

Such hard and cruel features and the eyes bespoke madness.

Taylor Swift- in that she seems soo programmed and asexual.

Natalie Portman's been mentioned a few times - why?I watched The Big Short the other night and he ruined it for me.Knowing what we do about her father, Nicole Kidman probably belongs there too.If you had to go down a dark alley and Russell Brand was standing there, could you do it?His hair is a greasy looking mop, and he looks like he'd smell really bad.

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It had nothing to do with race, only what I could live with in terms of policy.

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