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They can only play these games at their dates with you.If you would like to apply for “Female Submissive SM Dating”, please fill in the Application Form below and provide at least 10 of your photos.Sex is no longer simply “the act” it becomes an exciting world filled with rituals, obedience, control, and even drama.

In addition, many items are used in SM/BDSM “play” which accentuate the sexual dynamic that becomes a catalyst for sex (such as a women’s stockings, high heels, whips, blindfolds, bondage, etc.).

Even the Master’s or Slave’s attitude can be a source of sexual pleasure (reverence, scorn, humiliation etc).

Most people who enjoy SM/BDSM activity have a creative imagination and are highly intelligent with an IQ that is much higher than the average.

Caroline Gonzalez, The Green Herald Founder, Writer and Editor, on location.

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