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Guardian newspaper dating site

Historic Newspapers have the UK’s largest archive of Guardian back issues, covering the last one hundred years.

As well as our online newspaper service, individuals can request a specialist Guardian newspaper article search through a member of the archive team.

I must admit, what puts me off internet dating is the thought of women I know seeing me on it as it makes me look desperate.

Mymymble - Do you mean the old newspaper dating ads (also called Soulmates)?It was most fun discussing it with my friends and meeting for dates, choosing date venues and the general larkiness of it. But be critical and have your friends know what you are doing/where you are going.I was living in a big city though, was younger and childless at that time and so I had a lot of offers to choose from. lots of men on one site are also on another- so don't get hung up on the Guard. Can't remember paying a sub then, but it was a long time ago.A persistent guy kept winking at me so eventually I handed over £32.95 out of curiosity to be able to contact him. He has offered me my money back if I am not 100% satisfied too Just give it a go without too much expectation and who knows what will happen!

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