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R96, I am not the one that brought up DLB on this thread. R97, it just seems like a dinner bell goes off any time either name is mentioned in any thread, even if the thread isn't about them. I would much rather talk about these guys than have another 500 threads about Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart, wouldn't you? Yeah, those two I couldn't give a shit about either, but they produce so many threads. Like I said, I understand there's an interest, I just don't like when it starts taking over threads having nothing to do with them.I understand there's an interest in them, but it reminds me of those two soccer players that launched dozens of "romance" threads. I stay out of those threads specifically because I just don't care about them. Not quite a ringing endorsement from you two, but apparently lots of eye candy in the movie. The only thing I've ever seen Cavill in is Mo S and to be honest, I didn't like it.

He has the audacity to play people for fools by trying to take it all back. He's not a straight guy.[quote]Actually lots of straight guys do those kinds of poses for photos but they're mostly just pretending to look gay Well, that really doesn't mean much since in this case, we know one of these guys ain't pretending to look gay, he IS gay. written and directed by that other DL fave, Dustin Lance Black. written and directed by that other DL fave, Dustin Lance Black. I'm the one in threads that have nothing to do with either of them who tells you not to bring that shit into the non-DLB/Daley threads.Even with what I've stated above, I'm not going to be adamant in believing he's gay, but your reasons for why you think he isn't are ridiculous.He comes off like a genuinely nice guy and no doubt he is, but you don't make it in Hollywood -playing Superman no less- unless you're prepared to play pr games and make certain sacrifices. If he's gay, at least he didn't pull a Luke Evans.[quote]The young Luke Evans had an easier time coming out because he was in theater in London. have you seen him with a woman in the last few years? Two reminders, since people seem to have forgotten:1) Corey Spears was formerly involved with "Real World: Miami" alum Dan Renzi.There's gay-friendly, but c'mon.r9 How should straight men pose with their gay male friends in pictures??Normally when people take a picture they get close and might put their arms around each other.

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