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I’m careful with my sexual health, use condoms and have occasional STI tests. I only told a few close friends at the time about it.

I can remember some of them were quite shocked about it which I found a bit strange.

It made me feel normal and that I was just unlucky to get symptoms. I was quite upset by the diagnosis and worried about telling my boyfriend. He was just upset that I was in pain and felt bad that maybe he might have contributed to it.

There was no way of knowing who I had contracted it from as it can lie dormant but my partner occasionally suffered from cold sores so I did wonder if I had got it from oral sex. A week later we were in Waitrose when I got the call from the sexual health clinic – they confirmed that I had HSV type 1.

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When we were messaging about it once it autocorrected to ‘heroes’ so that’s what we now call it. I tend to just think of it as I am someone who gets cold sores but instead of being on my face where everyone can see it they are in my knickers where I can hide them. If you need information about herpes visit your local sexual health service or the Herpes Virus Association for advice and support.

If you’d like to read more about coping with herpes read our blog ‘Genital herpes – what is there to worry about?

She was devastated, I remember her crying about it in the pub and worrying about how she was going to tell her most recent partner.

It's even worse when you catch something chronic.

Herpes is a well known virus without a cure that is often passed through sexual activity and kissing.

Although my symptoms were consistent with herpes they couldn’t confirm the diagnosis until they got the results from the swabs they took.

I remember the doctor saying that two out of three people have herpes and so that meant that either he or the nurse probably had it.

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Our mutual friend, her housemate was concerned she might ‘catch’ herpes from her and saw it as something dirty.

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