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Like my friend Aashna says, ‘No Tinder dick picks could serenade thy vagina.’ ***There’s a beautiful boy I matched with. Maybe if the flights weren’t so expensive, I just might have. Or the guy who almost fell in love with me after just one week of chatting. I had to let him go, but since he was this sensitive-tragic-poet-emowriter type, I had to let him go very gently. thing will keep floating in front of his face whenever I look at him.

His bio said he played the violin, was a Karate black belt, and a meditation junkie. When we got talking, he suggested we go to the best biryani place in town. We then decided to go to an art gallery and look at Raja Ravi Verma paintings. We went to the park nearby and talked and talked until one of us suggested we eat, and we went to a shady erstwhile dance bar. And then there is this has-been actor guy who spammed me with pictures of his days as a ‘hero’ in the 90s, his wildlife photographs (deer and an elephant), his sky-scapes (edited sunsets), and then suddenly sneaked in his dick pic! But since he has a longwinded Rajinikanth connection, my very first dick pic was at least one that was famous by association. That didn’t sound right.) I still keep him though, mainly for the lulz I get when he goes off on one of his actor/man/manactor ego trips. *shudder*Some of them made it to actual real life flesh-and-blood dates. During my first few days in Vienna, my Russian flatmate said, ‘You MUST have a European lover’ — and pushed me to try Tinder.

I also mentioned my love for Rilke and he quickly wrote out a few lines by Rilke in German.‘For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terrorwhich we are barely able to endure, and it amazes us so,because it serenely disdains to destroy us.

Every angel is terrible.’(Later he told me those were the only lines he knew.)Looks-wise he was okay…

I was amazed that every second person I was swiping right on matched with me.

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I was planning to do a book called , and his body gave me ample inspiration. This was a man I didn’t want to disappoint, so I sent him an ‘Aah’. Like the guy who sexted me something I’d usually find extremely creepy and immediately block.

While I was deleting his junk, he asked me to return the favour. I’ve deleted my account and started over again, swiping the same people right and left again. But his sexts had proper spellings, grammar and even punctuation.

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Then five months ago, a colleague introduced me to Tinder, and I logged on.