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Hostile and intimidating

Here are some important things to note about anger, and angry people. calling you a racist)• comments about your competency, knowledge, dedication These behaviors are intended to demean and control you.

We want to stop these behaviors as professionally as possible.

When an employee claims that a hostile work environment is an adverse employment action, the legal analysis is similar to the burdens of proof described above.

However, to recover damages, the employee must also establish all other elements of the claim, such as that the employee engaged in protected conduct such as making a report of discrimination or reporting an employer's violation of law, and also establish that the employer created the hostile work environment, at least in part, because the employee engaged in the protected activity.

Likewise, a hostile work environment can be considered the "adverse employment action" that is an element of a whistleblower claim or a reprisal (retaliation) claim under a civil rights statute.

That is, an employee could not file a lawsuit on the basis of a hostile work environment alone.

Instead, an employee must prove they have been treated in a hostile manner because of their membership in a protected class, such as gender, age, race, national origin, disability status, and similar protected traits.

To establish whether the situation is actionable the "totality of circumstances" must be weighed with an eye to determining "that the harassment affected a term, condition, or privilege of employment in that it was sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter the condition of the victim's employment and create an abusive working environment".

In many United States jurisdictions, a hostile work environment is not an independent legal claim.

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So that we are all on the same wavelength, it helps to clarify the terms we are going to use throughout the book. Mild expressions of anger are how people express their inner states. If we can, at the same time, reduce the anger of the client, that’s great.

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