I am not dating james anymore duluth georgia

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I am not dating james anymore duluth georgia

Other members of the Bobo family appear to have been in the group as well. Please take it for what it is worth to each of you in your particular problem.) 4 James R.Family tradition says that James took a wife with him to Georgia. settled in northwest Gwinnett County, near the present town of Duluth, Georgia. Stewart 41 Catherine Elizabeth Stewart Catherine Ann Stewart was the oldest child of James R.Four of them (43 Emaline, 45 Sarah, 46 Nancy, and 49 Linia) appear to have married men who enlisted for Civil War service from Cherokee County, just east of Cass County where James and his children died. At age 21, Walter is listed in the 1850 Census as a farmer and a member of his father's household in Forsyth County, just north of Gwinnett County.In the years after the Civil War, most of the daughters appear to have settled in Atlanta. In 1851, at age 22, Walter married 15-year-old Charlotte Elizabeth Russell (Lizzie), the daughter of a widow named Elizabeth Webb Russell (husband's name unknown).(The other was his younger half-brother, 7 David Bobo Stewart.) Our information about him comes from several different sources, and not all of it meshes neatly when put together.However, the account below appears to be an at least plausible summary of the available information.

If true, there is but 3 left out of some 13 Nancy Linia and James. As Sherman prepared to cross the Chattahoochee to seize Atlanta, he gave some orders about factories in general and about those at Sweet Water and Roswell in particular: I repeat my orders that you arrest all people, male and female, connected with those factories, no matter what the clamor, and let them foot it, under guard, to Marietta, whence I will send them by cars (railroad) to the North.She died in 1858 at about age 50, when her youngest child was nine years old, and is said to be buried in the same place as several other Bobo relatives, including her father (exact location uncertain, but she had a brother living in Campbell County). James Scarborough was 36 years old when the Civil War began in 1861, but no Confederate military record could be located for a James Scarborough of Georgia.An old story in the family says that James' two oldest children (41 Catherine and 42 Walter) were taken to Campbell County and reared by their Bobo grandfather. It is possible that he is the "Uncle James" who "had rheumatism in time of war and couldn't go," according to 422 Synthia Stewart, who later remembered him as a noncombatant civilian refugee during the Civil War (see 42 Walter Washington Stewart).Father Scynthia Betsy and one of our daughters and four of our grandchildren are all buried at one place... Destroy and make the same disposition of all mills save small flouring mills manifestly for local use, but all saw-mills and factories dispose of effectually, and useful laborers, excused by reason of their skill as manufacturers from conscription are as much prisoners as if armed. Let them take along their children and clothing, providing they have the means of hauling or you can spare them. Jones has in her possession recordings of the memories of Walter and Lizzie's daughter 422 Synthia Stewart Boyd and their granddaughter 4225 Pearl Boyd Bruce of how Sherman's orders affected the family: Daughter Synthia: When Grandpa learned that there would be a war, he quit his job as a boss man at the mill and went out and bought a farm near the factory town, so Grandma would have a way to make a living.All my family belongs to the Methodist Church, not North, but South... He thought that she would work in the factory, but she never did.

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We have but one Son living and he is quiet Steady and in public, praying, Clark I am trying to get to Heaven. Bobo's letter above, and (2) 1850 Census records for Forsyth County, Georgia - also the source of information for James' children listed by initials and last name only. Her mother who lived with them told her that she had never done anything like that and for her to work at home and sell piece goods.

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