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We take no responsibility for the phrases entered by surfers.Cornell University Library The original of this book is in the Cornell University Library.15 • ' zaburo, Yamnfjuchi-ya Shichiroemon, Adzuma-ya Jihei, and Okada- " ya Kichizaemon) having come over to tiie Yoshiwara from " Kotobuki-cho, Bungo-banhi, etc., in Fm/iimi, at the time of the "founding of the Yonhiwara.The street along the creek at " Kyo-mac M It-cho-me is called the Nishi-gaghiin remembrance of " a younger brother ot Shoji Jinyemon, (founder of the Yoshiwara) " named Tachibana-ya Sainen, having lived there.* Tiio street " along the creek at Kyo-machi M-ehd-me, known as Rashmiwi- " gashi — or more commonly as " Waru-gashi" (the wicked creek- " side) — was so-called owing to the fact that there was a small " brothel there — named Ibaraki-ya " — tlie inmates ot whicli used " to accost passers-by and clutch tenaciously at their sleeves, " somewhat after the fashion of the warrior Watanabe no I'mna " wlio seized the arm of an ogre and cut in off in the course of " his well-known adventures at the Basho-mon, near ICyoto.^ The " Tenjin-gashi was frituated at Suido^iri, and here there were some " 25 low brothels established.As to the origin of the Suido-jiri ("End " of the Aqueduct") it is said that formerly there were no wells " in the Yoshiwara and that all the water used there had to be " carried fi-om the wells at Jariba and Tambo, but in the eras of " Genrohu (1688-1703) and Hoyei (1704-1710) the famous Yedo " merchant prince — Kinokuni-ya Bunzayemon — caused a well to " be sunlc in the compound of Owarirya Seij Sro in Ageya-machi for " the first time, with the result that a plentiful supply of water " was provided • * * » • As the pipes in which this water was " conducted to the various portions of the Yoshiwara terminated " at the end of Nakor^io-cho, the name " Suic B^iri" (see above) " was given to that spot." The "Jieekigoko " ^Sffe-^ (another " bool{) says: — "The name of Suido^iri did not originate in the " Mate- Yoshiwara, but in the Shin- Yoshiwara.In the plans of the " old Yoshiwara, however, it would seem that a place with a " similar name did actually exist, and so it is mentioned here for " the sake of reference." Long weapons are forbidden."* [This meant spears or " long swords, and also other warlilse weapons wliich formed " part of the ordinary paraphernalia of a Daimy Vs (noble's) " train.] The Present Omon.

174 Byo-cliu oyobi In-shoku no koto (Of the Sickness of Prostitutes and of Their Meals) 176 Hike no koto {Closing Hours in the Yoshiwara) 177 Koclio no koto ( The Next Morning) 177 Hiru-jimai Yo-jimai no koto ( The Day and Night Engagements of Courtesans) 177 Raku-seki no koto (7'Ae Removal of Names from the Register of the Yoshhvara) 178 Gwaishutsu oyobi tobo (Exit and Flight from the Yoshiwara) 180 Yujo byo-slii oyobi j6-shi no koto (Of the Death and Double-suicide of Courtenans) 183 Shin- Yoshiwara no Bodaiji {The Cemetery of the Shin- Yoshiwara) ....There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. T6D27 1905 The sexual life of Japan *erng an exhau 3 1924 012 541 797 THE SEXUAL LIFE OF JAPAN THE SEXUAL LIFE OF JAPAN BEING AN EXHAUSTIVE STUDY OF THE NIGHTLESS CITY 1^ ^ m Or the "HISTORY of THE YOSHIWARA YUKWAKU " By J, E.DE BECKER "virtuous men hiive siitd, both in poetry and ulasslo works, that houses of debauch, for women of pleasure and for atreet- walkers, are the worm- eaten spots of cities and towns.He was n great minister and scholar, but failing a victim to calumny was banislied and finally died in exile. At the time of the construction of the Nihon-dsutsumi, a large number of lacquer-trees {urushi-no-ki) were planted on both sides of the road, forming a veritable avenue,* and it was a common joke to warn an habitue of the Yoshiwara by saying significantly — " When you pass along the Sanya road, mind you don't get poisoned by lacquer ! This is situated on the right hand side of the Go-jik-ken- michi." The bank commenced at 3hoden-ch O in the West and Yoshino-machi (Asakusa) in the East, and extended to Harajuku (Shitaya), the total length being 834 Ken (5004 feet), the width of the road 10 Ken (60 feet) and the horse-path 5 Ken on the average (30 feet). {Gazing Willotv-tree.) This well-known willow-tree stands at the entrance of Go-jik-ken-machi, on the left, below the Nihon-dsutsumi. Formerly there was on this site a shrine called Yoshitoku Inari, but of late years the Enomoto Inari (at the corner of Yedo-ch O Ni-cho-me) the Kai-un Inari (at the corner of Ky O-machi, It-ch O-me) the Kurosuke Inari (at the corner of Ky O-machi Ni-ch O-me) and the Akashi Inari at the corner of Yedo-ch O Ni-ch O-me — Fushimi-cho) were all amalgamated into one.

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Nishimura, but at the request of the local inhabit- ants to consecrate it shrine of the guardian deity it was re- moved to the present site.