Is austin scarlett and santino rice dating rubidum strontium dating

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Is austin scarlett and santino rice dating

— helps a mousy wallflower land the guy of her dreams by tearing apart her closet, taking her shopping at Bloomingdale's and slathering her in beauty products. In the pilot, they help Texas trick-rider Sadie Lynn Carter pretty herself up for the Cowgirls' Ball.

Rice was often referred as the "villain of the show" in As of 2008, Santino Rice has been involved in various projects.They then go shopping for dress materials at Teskey's Saddle Shop for cowboy related accessories and Santino visits Gibson's Products, a general store, for the fabric.Santino Rice (born August 20, 1974) is an American fashion designer and television personality.He designed a new cigarette pack for Camel, dressing a handful of elite private clients, and working on his own clothing company.Rice was the judge on the Logo reality program in a minor role as a homeless man.

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See full summary » The two "Project Runway" designers team up for the first time ever to travel to and immerse themselves in the culture of small towns across America, where they create new, dream-come-true looks for special women celebrating such milestones as anniversaries, birthdays, balls, graduations and bachelorette parties. The episodes I've seen involve the two most outrageous Project Runway designers shopping in small towns for fabric to create dresses for women who normally are way too busy raising kids, pulling down a paycheck, or putting deer meat on the table to wear a dress.