Is lauren conrad dating shawn pyfrom

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Is lauren conrad dating shawn pyfrom

Now Dave realizes it’s Susan who he should be going after.

James Denton, in an interview recently, said that by season’s end Dave will do something so horrible that there would be no other option than to kill him off.

Carlos is friends with both Tom and Lynette and is married to Gabby (Eva Longoria-Parker).

Later it was Lynette’s turn to get jealous when she found out from Gabby that Tom had been flirting with another neighbor.

I’m really not much of an Orson fan…I’ve kind of always found him annoying.

So, I was happy that after Bree’s conversation with Katherine (Dana Delaney) in the hospital, that Bree put two and two together and realized that Orson broke into their neighbor’s house.

She tells Mike (James Denton) that part of the reason she wanted him to move in was so that she felt she had more of a commitment from him. So, Susan goes to console Dave (Neal Mc Donough) who is grieving for his recently deceased wife, Edie.

And she followed that up by telling him they’d be together forever. While consoling him, she ends up telling him that SHE was the one driving the car the night she and Mike had the accident, but they made it look like Mike was driving b/c they couldn’t find her license.

I really hope that Lynette and Carlos don’t hook up. This chick sure came off as desperate tonight, huh?

As the show prepares for it’s sixth season, lots of changes are in store.

Here’s just a bit of the news I gathered (thanks to TV Fanatic!!!

Tonight’s was really good and helped move plot along.

First up, let’s talk about Bree (Marcia Cross) and Orson (Kyle Mac Lachlan).

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