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Jessica dating

fan posted back in July that she saw Jon Francetic and Dr Jessica smooching in Massachusetts.

They’ve also been posting on Instagram from the same locales all summer and dropping flirty comments.

We can respect one another.” As for marriage plans, Jessica responds, “I think we’ll marry when it’s the right time later.

Dr Jessica dropped some harsh truths on Molly Duff saying the way she spoke to Jon “was vile” and said she thinks Molly’s been lying.

But finally, as you can see from the photo above, it looks like they’re moving from lowkey dating to a public romance.

Jon Francetic shared the pic of himself and the matchmaker on his IG page. This is not a chummy pic of friends standing close.

Let’s face it – he’s a catch and got a raw deal getting stuck with Molly.

watchers recognized early-on that Molly was a bad match for Jon (maybe for anyone human) and that he deserved better.

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Since then further rumors developed including one about them living together.

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