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Explain that you are still the same person, and that you love them.Let them know how important their acceptance is to you, and listen to what they have to say. Answering questions with questions doesn't usually get anywhere. Have faith in yourself, although things may seem difficult to start with, especially if your parents didn't suspect. The key to helping them to understand is by talking about how you quizzes galore so other people can pre-judge youc.ability to search based on location, age, height, religion, smoking, drinking, drug use, race (ugh), etcd.Being a lesbian is nothing to be ashamed of, whatever other people say. If your parents initial reaction is very negative, give them time to get used to the fact that their daughter has just told them something that they find upsetting.

Ok Cupid Style: Ok Cupid’s color palette of pepto bismal pink and gender-normative blue isn’t the chicest choice, but it’s not ugly.Whilst some parents can be remarkably understanding, others can be hurt and rejecting. If you are looking for dating sites that are exclusively for gay girls, then you will probably want to join the best that the internet has to offer.Quite often, our sexuality is seen as a lifestyle choice.So how do you explain to them that this is who you are, this is what you want, and you would appreciate their support?

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Hopefully, you will meet lots of new and interesting women which will give you the incentive to go out and have fun.

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