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Let's Chat is a side-project of the development team at Security Compass. Generally, at least one glaring issue with every alternative sticks out like a sore thumb.So I asked the lovely miss Anastasia Ashley and the just as lovely miss Ivy Miller a few playful questions on the subject.First, Anastasia who’s name rolls off the tongue in a delectable four syllables.Essentially, that means registering and spending tokens is completely optional! But models may also have premium adult content like custom sex videos.Generally, users aren’t interested in these exclusives until becoming fond of performers.”Whoa Girls is our adult video chat community to talk to live female models.It's designed to be easily deployable and fits well with small, intimate teams.

The more we look from a far the madder we go with tenderness.

“Probably skaters, I think they’re more bad boys in the skate world.” And now a similar conversation with the adorable miss Miller. “Surfers are usually in their little sponsor outfits. Skaters are much more grunge, I like that about them.” We advance into Ivy’s personal laws of attraction, “Skaters are more attractive, they’re more humble.

It’s just a different world and community, I’m drawn to it.” We continue into the topic of the hour; who has more sex, “I think there’s fan girls for each category… I feel like since skaters are more reserved and humble they’d be like ‘well you go…’ in kind of a choked up way; ‘you go first” she giggles.

We start off stylistically; “skaters are definitely more fashionable,” Ashley tells me.

“They’re really into their shoes and like leather jackets.

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There’s a couple of muses who happen to know how to efficiently work fins, foam and light up the space between shutter and lens.