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I only just found out that he's married now and not to Lisa. So I wouldn't be surprised if she were just the most famous of his conquests who he chose to be the star of his story.I know it was a long time ago but I always thought they were pretty serious. She may also have let it go beyond a hookup for the publicity.

In 2007, he released a follow-up to The Game, Rules of the Game, a two-book boxed set. But to my surprise, she was TOTALLY open about it and shared with me exactly what I did right to get her into bed with another woman for the first time in her life. I was actually nervous calling this girl up and asking her about this topic.along with information on his new book, The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships, which was released on October 13, 2015.The Truth, a sequel to The Game, covers his struggles to build and maintain a relationship with Ingrid after his years of immersion in the seduction community.

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This is proof that they want it too ..what's more, you'll hear exactly what works ...straight from a woman!

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