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These days, she said, if she makes 0 during a shift, she is happy.“It’s kind of like a joke now,” she said. Giuliani began a campaign to close sex-oriented businesses, using zoning regulations to strictly limit “adult establishments.” The regulations were loosened after court challenges in the late 1990s, and now any store with at least 60 percent non-X-rated merchandise is not technically considered an adult entertainment business.“Men come in now and they’re like, ‘They still have this? The zoning law change nonetheless succeeded in pushing adult businesses to industrial areas of the city.But the Playpen’s booths lead not to a screen, but to a glassed-in view of a small room where a dancer like Anastasia awaits.

Nine or 10 people work at the Playpen, handling the retail sales, minding the security cameras and cleaning out the booths after the customers leave.

Amid the giant corporate logos and retail billboards of Times Square, the small neon signs seem almost quaint — one with an outline of a naked woman in repose, and others with capital letters blaring the store’s attractions. And for those that still exist, like the Playpen on Eighth Avenue, between 43rd and 44th Streets, even fewer offer the rarest of spectacles: the live peep show.

Now there are fewer than a dozen here, surviving relics of sweeping zoning changes and of pornography’s migration to the Internet.

The panel rises when patrons put in a machine — that sum goes to the house — and then pay an additional tip to the dancer, an amount negotiated beforehand.

Most women will do a striptease for , and masturbate for .“I used to look at older girls and be like, that won’t be me,” Anastasia said recently.

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They do not browse or peruse but instead walk with purpose, toward a familiar product or toward the booths. You lose touch with humanity.”The porter said his years at the Playpen had taken their toll.“I came into this business not understanding my behavior and how it affected other people,” he said, referring to problems with sex addiction he had earlier in his life. Back then it was like, yeah, I’m lying, but I’m making money.

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