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In the case of success for women on such sites, the curve is much more linear, with men it’s so lopsided as to be almost exponential.So it’s not as easy as simply generalizing groups as “men” or “women”.With very good reasons as I'll expound on further below.Attractive women on the other hand draw men like flies to a jar of honey, but a significant number (if not majority) of those men are to put it bluntly, assholes/losers/both.Sugar Daddy is the leading sugar daddy websites in serving only top 20 richest countries since 2007.Age is only a number, and that you can have a relationship where both parties understand what the other wants.These women need to search out high and low for men who are both desirable and sincere (because you have a lot of men who are only one of those two), it’s often like looking for a needle in a haystack. I remember once asking my sister while on a visit to see her in New York City, why there were so many more attractive women to be seen at lunchtime on a weekday than out at night on a weekend.Her reply was “A lot of the very attractive ones are right this moment at home watching Netflix or something like that, because they’re just sick and tired of this dance again and again with men who just want to bed them or simply fool around.”In rather ironic fashion, a woman who is highly desirable has a restricted number of serious dating options because women are expected to date and mate with men at equal or higher levels of the socioeconomic food chain.

Men on the other hand have it in the precise opposite fashion - the higher they climb, the bigger the pool of dating options available.

The key reason being that a far higher proportion of women who express romantic interest in an attractive man, are sincere in terms of wanting a relationship (not all of them, maybe not even most, but I would venture to say a significantly higher proportion than that of men who show interest in an attractive woman).

And women who are attractive, highly educated and successful, are incredibly selective like you will not believe, they simply cull off over 95% of the male gene pool right at the pass.

the distribution of offspring throughout history being considerably more unequal among men than among women with some men fathering many children, others dying without ever passing on their genes).

And we're by no stretch the only kinds of mammals to have it that way.

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” Well, that’s getting it in reverse because that is generally exactly what she is trying to avoid.