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Mandating medical

In 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB277 into law, which eliminated all personal belief exemptions, but still allowed valid medical exemptions, for vaccinations before children enter school. Despite a multitude of lawsuits, the law has stood, while impressively increasing the vaccination rate in the state. This isn’t to force vaccinations on children, but to protect all children from dangerous, sometimes deadly, vaccine-preventable diseases. I have been advocating, along with many others, that California needs to close these loopholes, possibly by having public health experts review all medical exemptions before school children are allowed to enter school.For example, this could include on menus in restaurants, cafes, pubs, coffee shops and takeaways.It also asks for views on: The purpose of calorie labelling is to make sure that people have clear and accurate information about the calorie content of the food and drink that they and their families are eating when dining out, so that they can make informed and healthy choices for themselves and their children.

At Lewer Mark, we highly recommend making health insurance mandatory. Because mandatory student health insurance is a form of risk mitigation for both your students and your school.

Health officers expressed frustration with their lack of authority to limit unprofessional behavior by physicians granting large numbers of unwarranted MEs and thus putting students at risk.

A local health officer who tracked MEs faced a failed lawsuit and personal attacks by antivaccine extremists.

Mandating vaccination for school is an effective strategy to prevent outbreaks.

This protection is undermined when unscrupulous physicians monetize their license and abuse the authority delegated to them from the state by granting unwarranted MEs.

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