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When a girl walks into a bar, every man notices her, but then they all look around to see the other men who also notice her.

If one of those dudes walks up to hit on her, every other guy in the bar chuckles to their friends and says, "Ha! She's not going to say yes." THIS IS SO INSANE TO ME.

So, as far as dating is concerned, I'm about one step away from taking engagement photos with a burrito and calling it good. My high hopes and daily bus-ride marriage fantasies were quickly dashed by off-the-market married men, noncommittal fuckbois, and my own overwhelming lack of ambition.

When I moved to Portland last February, I was convinced that was all about to change. (Is it my fault burritos are so much easier to talk to?

Co-host of the Portland dating podcast It's Not Me; It's Me.

Each of their stories reminded me that when dating, it's best to be honest (with yourself and your potential partner), authentic, and remember that even if a date goes horribly wrong, you still walk away with a good story. Once got asked to go back to his place, smoke pot, and do "adult shit" on a date.Portland people get blackout drunk and in the morning they're like, "Do you want to get brunch and day-drink?" Portland hetero gender norms are also woefully conventional. In Portland for 10 years, only single for a few months, but has dated extensively as a polyamorous married person.I knew no one and was completely comfortable going out to events on my own.I noticed that in this town, girls would approach and hit on me 100 percent more than men would.

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Even after all these interviews, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about Portland dating.

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