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Michelle valles dating ray benson

Posted 31/08/2019 Our precious son, Tony, who we love so very much passed on October 16, 2018.He was 26 years old and was the most caring, generous, protective, loyal, compassionate and loving child a parent could ask for.He passed away on March 23,2013 His illness was cirrhosis to the liver. A wonderful lady whom was a victim of the Pharmaceutical negligence during the 60 & 70s. This negligence also affect my siblings and I and made our childhood very traumatic. There was a very significant spike in both female and male in the late 60s. You were the definition of a true friend and it’s still not real to me that you’re gone.I’m grateful for that phone call you made to me to get your message to me and then you had to leave me. I could always call you and you would just listen and then make sure you checked on me. Love ya Posted 30/08/2019 Our life together had been a hard life.Jake alexander graves, was my son who passed away from overdose of fentanyl on the morning of April 1, 2018.I found him on the bathroom floor of our home and was only 30-60 minutes too late.Although, people think we are all ok , we as parents know that nobody understands this unbearable pain we live every day.This message comes with much love to all those suffering with addiction and their families, especially those parents who have lost a child or children from this disease. Love your big sister Posted 31/08/2019 Elias 4/7/94 – 8/28/18 My 24-year old son and only child was on the autistic spectrum.

To every person struggling with addiction we love you and our hearts break for you and your families and loved ones .

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We will continue to fight this evil and WE ALL will make a difference to put an end to the stigma and to help those in need of recovery. Lori & Chuck Smith Posted 31/08/2019 Dennis, I miss you every day. As we approach another year without you, my heart aches. Sadly, he tried Meth which was mixed with Fentanyl and it killed him.

We won’t give up, we couldn’t save our son but we will do everything in our power to save someone else’s child from a death due to an overdose. I write that he was on the autistic spectrum because there is a misconception that people on the spectrum do not engage in substance use.

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