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Correlative separate personal protection orders are prohibited unless both parties have properly petitioned the court under subsection (1). (9) A personal protection order is effective and immediately enforceable anywhere in this state after being signed by a judge. policy council act, 1974 PA 163, MCL 28.211 to 28.215. (i) Injuring, killing, torturing, neglecting, or threatening to injure, kill, torture, or neglect the animal.A restraining order that enjoins conduct under this subparagraph does not prohibit the lawful killing or other use of the animal as described in section 50(11) of the Michigan penal code, 1931 PA 328, MCL 750.50.(4) The court shall issue a personal protection order under this section if the court determines that there is reasonable cause to believe that the individual to be restrained or enjoined may commit 1 or more of the acts listed in subsection (1).

(8) A court shall not issue a mutual personal protection order. Some students and their families choose to make an individual visit, while others choose to attend our Wildcat Weekend Program. We welcome you whenever and however you choose to visit. Plus, we help to make paying for college manageable, with installment payment plans, scholarships, Federal Work-Study jobs and generous financial aid. Our goal is to minimize the barriers to a rich education. ​The policies and the related Standard Practice Guide may be changed or terminated at any time by the university, and neither this website nor the SPG establish or imply contractual obligations to any staff group, or individual staff member, that cannot be changed or terminated.Not every policy or practice of the university is contained in this handbook or the SPG.

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(g) For ex parte orders, a statement that the individual restrained or enjoined may file a motion to modify or rescind the personal protection order and request a hearing within 14 days after the individual restrained or enjoined has been served or has received actual notice of the order and that motion forms and filing instructions are available from the clerk of the court.

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