New york band dating drew barrymore

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New york band dating drew barrymore

The scenery on both coasts is attractive, especially Applegate's suburban Frisco home.Costumes, too, are well chosen while the script and direction never lose momentum, focus, or mirthfulness.But their relationship blossoms and it quickly becomes something that they can't just drop in six weeks.They admit to wanting to be boyfriend/girlfriend just on opposite coasts.

Heading to a trendy bar after work, she starts drinking and blowing off steam over a classic video game.Looking over her shoulder is Garrett (Justin Long), who is impressed by her skill.Garrett, too, is out of sorts because his latest girlfriend broke up with him, after a severe tongue lashing about his attitude.Its supposed to be a one night stand but they both want more. Hey, after a nice 42 days , the two decide to keep the relationship going long distance, with emails and video conferencing and short, weekend trips. This is a very lovely film, complete with romance, humor and honesty. BUT, there is some raw language and some sexually charged scenes so if you prefer more of the ABC Family-type romances, be aware that your eyebrows may go up.However, as Erin points out, she will only be in Manhattan for six more weeks. The cast is great, with Barrymore and Long making a terrific couple.

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Erin has just six more weeks as an intern at the New York Sentinel before she returns to San Francisco.

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