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Wingman, which launched earlier this year, offers something new in the way of dating apps: you get to sit back while someone else creates your profile and finds you a match.Whether that person is your sister, your best friend, your grandmother, your favorite barista at the coffee shop — it's totally your call.The company has more than 6 million Instagram followers, and it says 3 million unique visitors come to the site monthly.Match is likely leveraging that built-in group to see if they can serve as a pool of daters from the onset.

Dating app Badoo surveyed its 370 million users worldwide to discover that when it comes to finding a match, millennials are either really dedicated or just love to swipe, because 10 hours is a lot.

They’re all put together in a group chat within the app where they can discuss profiles, share GIFs, and talk more generally.

Friends will see profiles based on their single’s friend’s preferences.

The app still requires the single person and the potential match to like each other before they can chat.

This isn’t the first time an app like this has come around.

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While men spend more time on dating apps than women, with 85 minutes a day and each session lasting 9.7 minutes, women aren't too far behind with 79 minutes a day and 7.6 minutes per session.

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