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Nigerian dating rituals

The Yoruba are equally likely to be either Christian or Muslim.Indigenous religious practices remain important to all of Nigeria's ethnic groups, and frequently these beliefs are blended with Christian beliefs, a practice known as syncretism.

Achebe's magnum opus is the most widely read book in modern African literature.

A very important source of information on modern Nigerian art is the Virtual Museum of Modern Nigerian Art operated by the Pan-Atlantic University in Lagos.

In addition, the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission, and Naija Invest Gateway, provide real time information on the Nigerian business culture.

Eghosa the queen of Bini The Yorubas are located on the western region of Nigeria.

The eastern part of Nigeria is the home of the Igbos, who are mostly Christians. Socially they are led by monarchs known as Eze Igwes.

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Women wear long flowing robes and headscarves made from local markets who dye and weave the fabric locally.