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Okcupid dating persona nymph

For example, when the factor analysis recognized that members who answered , Drugs) rather than a map for each possible response to every question.

After running the analysis, we get a set of personality traits that describe how the residents of US cities differ from one another.

So I figured I’d jump into the conversation by making some maps that illustrate how personalities and romantic attitudes differ across the country.

Instead of making thousands of maps to show how frequently different MSAs gave every answer to each of the 626 questions, I used a statistical method called to find patterns in how questions were answered.

Factor analysis takes a dataset with a huge number of variables and automatically looks for patterns.

Social scientists have a long-standing interest in how and why personality differs across geographic regions.

I’m not an expert in this field, but I’m pretty sure it can all be traced back to the Beach Boys’ groundbreaking research on variations in romantic attitudes across the US.

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There’s not much more to say on this component; do you This pattern isn’t as easy to interpret as the first one that determined political views.

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