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Kate Hudson holds no ill will towards her biological father, Bill Hudson.

The “Almost Famous” star opened up to “The Howard Stern Show” about her relationship — or lack thereof — with her dad, admitting she still feels the effects of his absence.

Hudson, 37, clarified that Bill didn’t abandon her before she was born, telling Stern.

“He was around when we were young, it sort of teetered out,” she said. It’s a 36-year-old issue at this point.” Still, she came to understand, even at a young age, that Bill’s split from mom Goldie Hawn wasn’t her or brother Oliver‘s fault.

“He’s the one that when Matt and I broke up was like, ‘Don’t get into another f—king relationship,'” she said. ’ and he’s like, ‘Please, I give it four months.’ And the other day, I realized it’s been almost two years!

“We’ve shot some texts back and forth.” In June 2015, Oliver posted an Instagram post that showed a throwback pic of he and his famous sister, Kate Hudson, along with Bill and was captioned “Happy Abandonment Day.” However, Oliver revealed that the post is what actually sparked the mending. “Forgiveness in any aspect of something that is complex is the greatest tool.” When Stern, 62, noted that Bill never met his grandchildren, Hudson replied, “I really do recognize whatever those issues are, it’s just something that he has to live with, and that must be painful for him, so I forgive him.” She added, “There is always the inability for me to understand my father. “I never felt it was about [my dad] losing interest.My mom never spoke poorly of him, and I was a real tough little girl, like I understood what was going on,” she said.“I think that’s like the age-old psychological core issue for any situation,” she said.“Anybody who has had an experience with a parent that is absent, it’s going to manifest.” Hudson admitted therapy has helped tremendously, but just as valuable is her closeness with Oliver, 40, who encouraged her to take a break from relationships after she and former fiancé, and father to 5-year-old Bingham, Matt Bellamy split.

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One of the most iconic and long-lasting couples in Hollywood is Goldie Hawn, 73, and Kurt Russell, 68.

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