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After engaging in your usual activities, reset your mind and body as you experience floatation in a special tank.

With your mind from distraction and body free from gravity, floating benefits you through rapid stress relief, faster recovery of the body, and many other ways.

Brownie points for your partner if he or she managed to introduce this place to you!

You must be someone who is spontaneous and game enough for an alternative recreational activity if your date brought you along for some swinging action!Living on an island-nation like Singapore, it becomes a challenge to find fresh activities and places to go to for dates.You either go back to the same places for your usual dates, or follow the crowd and check out trending cafes you saw your friends posting about on Instagram or Facebook.Raffles Lighthouse, built in dedication to Sir Stamford Raffles, is located at Singapore’s Southern-most island of Pulau Satumu, which is also known as “One Tree Island”.If you have ever climbed the 88 spiraling steps to the glass-paneled dome that sits 29 meters off the ground, you were pretty lucky because the lighthouse is usually not open to visitors.

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The most fascinating part is that, they actually use a wine fairy (yes, it’s a human wine fairy dressed up with fairy wings) who “flies” up to retrieve the bottle of wine you order from the cellar!

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