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In the first game Other Age, you can summon up to 10 guys from anywhere in the world, even another dimension.There were a total of 31 endings to collect and dates that consisted of simple minigames.No matter which girl Prince hangs out with, you are obligated to sit through a short movie sequence which is different for each girl Prince accompanies. My favorite movie is still Pluto and Charon since it has the best music.Just be prepared to hear Dude Manager’s endless ramblings.Dude Artist is happy to paint almost theme; weapons, foods, drinks, animals, interiors, exteriors, fruits, crystallites, machines, glowing, abstract, cocktails–and who could forget the However, making the wrong decision could yield devastating but hilarious consequences.

Watch carefully though as he will awake when you least expect it, he's one crafty character!One of the minigames on Dude Island involves fishing.Good timing is needed to land rare fish as the bar slides back and forth faster.It's great fun kissing your guy or gal in the stables where you work but what if the boss catches you?Unfortunately you will find a large boot in your behind if he does catch you so make sure your boss is asleep when you kiss.

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Prince may obtain strange items like a rainbow umbrella or a DDR game cassette.

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