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My Code: Hello, As advertised at the new Security Context Holder uses an Inheritable Thread Local.Earlier CVS snapshots did use the Inheritable Thread Local, but the 0.9.0 codebase appears to have reverted to just Thread Local (the revision ...I want to use Security Context Holder object below.User user = (User)Security Context Context()Authen tication()Principal(); But get null pointer exception.Security Context Holder/Switch User Processing Filter usage I am developing an application where admins sometimes need to login as other users and found the Switch User Processing Filter to be very useful for that.I see in the documentation ...hello, * i've a Simple Url Handler Mapping that handles all my request * a Handler Interceptor Adapter is charged to add Security Context Context()Authenticati on()Principal() to all models * when a url is not accessible (access denied) ...

Security Context Context() null problem I use Spring Security 2.04 JCaptcha struts2 I want to get current username by using Security Context Context()Authenticati on(); but I find Security Context Context() allways return null when i ...Security Context Context() returns NULL (Spring, JSF, ICEfaces) Hi guys.We're putting together a webapp using JSF, Spring, Spring Security and ICEfaces.Security Context Context()Authenticati on() is Null Always! Hi, I'm running Spring 3.0.5 on a Tomcat 6 (Windows Machine).I've found a problem/misconfiguration on Spring/Tomcat Error-Handling.


How can I call Security Context Context()Authenticati on() from facelet?

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