Petite dating

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She’s also an expert at wiggling through crowds, which is great if you’re both in a store sale and you have to have your hands on that last pair of the latest Jordan’s. For one, you don’t have to strain yourself just to get from one position to the other.

And since she has a small stature, you can buy her clothes in the teens or kids’ sections too! She’s so lightweight and small you can carry her in your arms and just hoist her up on your hips.

[Read: The art of cuddling with a girl in a way that leads to sex every time] #12 She fits in tiny spaces.

If ever you get locked out of your house, your petite girlfriend can easily go into your house through the window, no sweat.

We don't require lengthy surveys or exams because we recognize that the actual process of learning about someone is the most fun and essential ingredient to help any new relationship grow.

We simply provide the common ground through our vast network of unique dating sites where people can share their mutual interests and lifestyles choices effectively.

Best of all, she’s easy to carry around after you make out on the couch and want to take the action to the bedroom without skipping a beat. And even when you get into a big fight and she tries to get a swipe at your face, you just laugh because she can’t reach it. Because of her size, you’re bigger and stronger than her.

Plus, you won’t lose her in the middle of a crowd as you can always hear her laugh even from miles away. Or, to be more precise, how big a space they have in your heart.

Their big personality and massive love and kindness just radiates to everyone.

[Read: Defining true masculinity: What does it mean to be a man? Petite girls are indiscriminate when it comes to guys they like—at least when it comes to height. Don’t get her wrong though, petite women *just like any other women* are independent and headstrong—until she needs to get that box of pasta on the top shelf. After all, she’s vertically challenged and she’ll eventually get tired of lugging the chair all over the kitchen and ask you to get stuff for her. Compared to kissing tall girls, kissing petite girls isn’t really as awkward as it seems.

Compared to taller girls, petite girls have more to choose from because height is really a non-issue for them as most guys are most likely taller. You just need to bend your knees a little if you’re very tall, or even raise them up with your big arms, making for a much more romantic gesture. She’s so cute and tiny she’s just like a little ray of sunshine everywhere she goes.

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Unlike taller women, you can do sex positions with a petite girl which you never even thought you can do *especially since you don’t really work out*.

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