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Neither php BB's database backup, nor php BB's or php My Admin's database restore, will override or change the stored version number in the database or in the backup files.

When we try to connect to Postgre SQL:postgres=#Is your Cloud VPS slowing down your Postgre SQL instance? Liquid Web’s server outmatches the competition on performance and support.

But for anyone who does need to fix or utilize the in-application Restore option, it's definitely a fix that is quick to implement.

If you need the changes and aren't fully confident in editing line 219 the file, the attached the one you intend to overwrite.

However, during the cache rebuild I got the following error (it already crashed a few times after which I enabled logging): Unable to rebuild cache.

Reason: Error: Unable to execute query: Fatal Error; Reason: Error: (ERROR: out of memory DETAIL: Failed on request of size 8.

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(We understand that this can be done in MS Project, but Project does not have the flexibility that slicers bring when trying to find conflicting activities).

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