Pooping sex

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This increase in leaf-eating coincided with the production of the painful, membrane-heavy stools, along with symptoms of fatigue, discomfort and less eating in general.

Interestingly, the warmer part of the year also produces the highest pregnancy rates among female pandas, which led the researchers to draw a possible link between digestive trouble and reproduction.“We think they are sloughing off the internal mucous membrane of their gastrointestinal tract and because of this, they get really sick, which coincides with gestation,” says Suen.

A faecal sample from a giant panda, showing a mix of bamboo stalks and leaves.

A team of researchers led by University of Wisconsin-Madison bacteriologist Garret Suen set out to find links between the panda’s painful pooping, digestion of different plant parts and possibly the panda’s notoriously low reproduction rates.“Gastrointestinal diseases are a major cause of mortality in wild and captive pandas but scientists understand very little about their digestive process,” explains Ashli Brown Johnson, a biochemist at Mississippi State University and co-author of the study.“By studying the microbial community in the panda’s gastrointestinal tract, we gain a better understanding of panda nutrition, which could help improve the health and reproduction of the endangered species.”Data recorded at the Memphis Zoo revealed their pair of captive pandas spent 1% of their time eating leaves in winter and spring, compared with 60% during warmer months.It’s a common symptom of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), radiation treatments for cancer, or inflammatory bowel conditions such as ulcerative colitis.Symptoms include: Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) refers to any condition that involves inflammation in your digestive tract.There are tons of kinda gross things that happen during your period that can make you curse being a girl — at least for a day or two.One of those involves running to the bathroom way more than normal, and that might make you feel pretty icky.

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