Quick start guide to dating women

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Quick start guide to dating women

Actually some of this stuff is so elementary, I'm surprised that you don't already know it but you obviously don't... Even before I was good with women, I've always felt that half of the guys who are so called "seduction guru's" couldn't actually go out and meet hot women if their lives depended on it ().

You blush and stutter around and act like you would rather be having a root canal than having to try to carry on a civilized conversation with them. More Dear Lucky, I know you're lonely so I've decided you need some help so you are going to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from me about women. As soon as they say, "hello", you are looking longingly at the nearest exit. You are well into your twenties now and it's time you started actually asking women out on real "dates" and not just hanging out somewhere in a group. When you decide to date women after I have taught you everything you need to know to get them to date you, I am NOT to be held responsible.

That's true and, frankly, there are a couple of them that I think would make a great sister-in-law.

Now understand that there's no rush, only a "someday".

Don't get me wrong; this is a FANTASTIC problem to have.

Now, I did find a way to manage dating about five women at a time, but after a few years of that I realized that I had met the woman of my dreams and I have since decided to settle down with just her.

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