Robotic sex chat

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Robotic sex chat

But as the developments continue and conversational bots are becoming more human-like (as seen in Google Duplex), even this is not so sure anymore.

To take a more positive perspective: there is a clear rise in cooperation with technology.

Google has recently announced the coming of Google Duplex, a virtual assistant which can imitate a human so realistically (‘hmm’s and ‘uh’s included), it can e.g.Actually, this deception is already starting to be quite problematic: on the internet we cannot easily distinguish bots from humans anymore, because we roam the net without using our body.We might realize that there may not be that much perceived difference between a human (perhaps hard to admit, but basically a complex biological robot) and an actual well-developed bot.To me, it is important to try to envision different scenarios, and this blog is way too short to discuss the subject broadly.Note that I am not taking certain socio-political as well as environmental situations into account, which I obviously don’t mean to deem unimportant.

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For example, there are robot-companions being developed that might aid elderly struggling with Alzheimer’s by communicating with them.

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