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Runescape dating world

He was later known for staking gold, pranking players, playing Trihard song requests and for the infamous Purple Army.Which he and fellow streamer and roommate Voldesad were the originators of.Paul is friends with other live-streamers such as Reckful, Andy Milonakis, Gross Gore, Greek, Sodapoppin and Mitch Jones.His subreddit was one of the most active subreddits, the subreddit goes through both times of high and low traffic depending on the frequency and quality of streams.Although the "cast" of the Ice Poseidon "show" changes often, the mentioned "cast members" are usually on the "script", whereas those not mentioned are either new, or will fade from relevance given an interval of time, some of these more tentative cast members include: Cornbread, Geisha, Haile, Nathan, Greek, The Milfs, The playbunnies, Erin, EBZ, Cassandra, Corin, DJ, Jim Carrey, Cam, Nikita, Hyphonix, Black, and Burger Planet.all of which except Voldesad only appeared after Paul moved to Los Angeles. Many believe that Ice's peak was in March of 2017 and ever since his content has been getting less frequent, plagued with technical difficulties or less enjoyable.

Twitch would later permanently establish the IRL section after many popular streamers began streaming outdoors, and Youtube would establish the Youtube Gaming section in direct competition.*On 27 April 2017, someone falsely claimed Ice Poseidon was carrying a bomb on a flight to Phoenix.He and another internet broadcaster were removed from the plane, the FBI questioned him before releasing him.After Harvey J had revealed this to his fans, Ice Poseidon sent his fans to harass him, and Ice went into his channel and banned everyone.Ice also DDOSed Harvey's own Internet connection in an attempt to silence him.

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Much of Ice's community left; however, a new community has appeared to replace those that left.