Se kaldating

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Se kaldating

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Aaj-kal dating bahut hi common cheez ho gyi hai, aksar log milte hai aur fir kuch baatein hoti hai, kuch rishte bante hai kuch kisi vajah se aage nahi badh paate.

Who could forget Halloweentown's resident goblin Luke or Marnie's romantic broom ride with mortal guy Cody?

Then, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin allegedly follow suit.

Now, two of your favorite Disney Channel stars leave Instagram shook with a single pic.

In other words, this romance has been happening right under our noses, and NO ONE NOTICED.

How did we let this adorableness escape us in these depressing times?!

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Even better, devout internet sleuths probably picked up on the relationship long before Brown's kissing pic.