Self liquidating bilateral lines

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On the dotted line to the left of Schedule SE, line 3, enter "Exempt community income" and the allocated amount. If you and your spouse materially participate as the only members of a jointly owned and operated business, and you file a joint return for the tax year, you can make a joint election to be taxed as a qualified joint venture instead of a partnership.

For information on what it means to materially participate, see in the Instructions for Schedule C.

If you and your spouse had community income and file separate returns, attach Schedule SE to the return of each spouse with self-employment earnings under the rules described earlier.

Also attach Schedule(s) C, C-EZ, or F (showing the spouse's share of community income and expenses) to the return of each spouse.

If you are in business (farm or nonfarm) for yourself, you are self-employed.

This tax applies no matter how old you are and even if you are already getting social security or Medicare benefits.

Also, include on line 2: If you were a duly ordained minister who was an employee of a church and you must pay SE tax, the unreimbursed business expenses that you incurred as a church employee are not deductible as an itemized deduction for income tax purposes. citizen or resident alien serving outside the United States as a minister or member of a religious order and you must pay SE tax, you can’t reduce your net earnings by the foreign earned income exclusion or the foreign housing exclusion or deduction. If you are a self-employed nonresident alien living in the United States, you must pay SE tax if an international social security agreement in effect determines that you are covered under the U. Instead, it will be included on the income tax return (Form 1041) of the bankruptcy estate.

However, when figuring SE tax, subtract on line 2 the allowable expenses from your self-employment earnings and attach an explanation. However, you (not the bankruptcy estate) are responsible for paying SE tax on your net earnings from self-employment.

Enter on the dotted line to the left of Schedule SE, line 3, "Chap.

11 bankruptcy income" and the amount of your net profit or (loss).

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If you had no other income subject to SE tax, enter "Exempt—Form 4361" on Schedule 4 (Form 1040), line 57, or Form 1040NR, line 55. citizen employed by a foreign government (or, in certain cases, by a wholly owned instrumentality of a foreign government or an international organization under the International Organizations Immunities Act) for services performed in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, or the U. If you performed services elsewhere as an employee of a foreign government or an international organization, those earnings are exempt from SE tax. S.-foreign citizenship generally is considered to be a U. If you have questions about international social security agreements, or to see if any additional agreements have been entered into, you can visit the Social Security Administration's (SSA's) International Programs website at

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