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Miroslav’s Gospel, written in 1180, is the oldest Serbian manuscript that entered in the register of UNESCO.The Late Roman fortified palace compound and memorial complex of Gamzigrad-Romuliana, Palace of Galerius, in the east of Serbia, was commissioned by Emperor Caius Valerius Galerius Maximianus, in the late 3rd and early 4th centuries. During the 3rd and 4th centuries as many as 18 Roman emperors were born in the area we know today as Serbia.It shares borders with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Albania. As of 1 January 2016, the population of Serbia was estimated to be 7,090,173 people. Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia and it is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has since ancient times been an important crossing of the ways where the roads of eastern and western Europe meet.Other major cities are: Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac.The Serbian clock making industry is older than the Swiss.The only Serbian word that is accepted and used across the world is “vampire”. Serbians frequently visit one another, and it is an important part of the culture to keep close ties with family.It was the centre of one of the most important prehistoric cultures.

The archaeological site of Lepenski Vir is located in the Djerdap Gorge.

The material for the Museum arrived in Belgrade according to the decision of the American court, which declared Mr.

Sava Kosanović, Tesla’s nephew, for the only rightful heir.

At 2,169 meters (7,116 feet) Midžor is the highest peak in Serbia.

There are 5 national parks in Serbia: Đerdap, Fruška Gora, Kopaonik, Šar-planina and Tara.

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Nikola Tesla one of the most brilliant mind in the history of men was a Serbian.