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Sermonindex paul washer dating

Spiritual wisdom …Being the Bride of Christ has everything to do with one’s identification with the One who is “acquainted with sorrows,” and it is through being joined with Him in the fellowship of His sufferings that we are fitted for …"You can never have the fruit until the blossom is gone, and it takes terrible winds to get rid of the blossom in order to bring on the fruit." If you are in struggles or trials and feel things are not going the way you …On the heels of writing and sharing, 'When Evil Comes in Like a Flood' which addressed the rise of evil in our nation, and the response needed by the church, this word comes forth. Johnston speaks on the silence of the Church in the midst of a sin depraved society.

It will be revealed in eternity of how …God is looking for men and women that are not seeking to glorify themselves, but to give glory to God. He speaks of a time of persecution coming in North America to the Church.

He clearly shows biblically that if we are of the kingdom of Christ …Brian Long passionately shares on the vital subject of coming persecution to the Church in North America.He points out that dating, as it is usually practiced, presents massive spiritual dangers and has caused much harm to countless Christians—whether they know it or not.In response, he argues that we should replace modern dating with practices based on biblical principles, such as parental authority and radical concern for purity.Alot of us are in a much lesser place with God, because we have not understood the totality, the radical demand, …Brother Dick Brogden shares a passionate prophetic cry at the 100 year centennial of the Assemblies of God movement.He calls for a modern missions movement of those who are crucified to self, willing to suffer, and …At present, I mean to speak to you principally on the meaning of the word, 'castaway'.

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At some previous times I have spoken to you on the subject of an eternal hell — on the worm that never dies, and the fire that is …We are in desperate need of genuine leadership-broken, humble men-men who are not afraid to admit that they need God; men who are more worried about prayer than about status and recognition; men who petition God rather …Out of the 8th Chapter of Amos, Wilkerson preaches a prophetic message for the Church today.