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Premarital experience almost always has to be carried on under very unsatisfactory and dark situations, such as environment, need for secrecy, psychological disturbances, fear of pregnancy and/or the likelihood of STDs, and many other impending and negative factors. There is a saying in genealogy: "There are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents." Nevertheless, it is the child who suffers the most when this sin of sexual immorality is sought after and imbibed in.An illegitimate birth results in the woman becoming resentful of being a single mother without a husband, and resentment often turns to hatred and disdain for the man who looked "good" under the influence of alcohol, and maybe even looked like a good candidate for marriage. But, a child is conceived, and the possibility of a great marriage is reduced to frustration and an underlying bitterness that never goes away.If these things were avoided the number of divorces could be drastically reduced. You will never see a happy person who is heavily in debt. You will never meet an unforgiving person who is truly happy. It is the worst thing you can do for your future marriage.This is what the experts, and the marriage counselors, have found time and time again. It seems so hard for humans to realize that whatever is becoming customary is not necessarily good. There is always a penalty for sin; again, you know that as well.

Eventually, long-term dating can, and should, lead to marriage.In the light of the high rate of breakups and divorce, it is very clear that dating customs of this society need to be totally altered!Marriage counselors have found that there are three negative things that are consistently ignored during the courtship period.Both have forever ruined their potential for the perfect marriage. Almost everyone, today, assumes that "making out" is completely within the bounds of decency after a definite engagement. What about premarital sexual intercourse between engaged couples?And so, they have to make the best of it always falling short of what could have been, if done God's way. Does it help prepare for adjustment in marriage, or does it prevent or make more difficult that adjustment?

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I Thessalonians 4:3 tells us that it is the will of God that we abstain from sexual immorality.

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