Sex chat using debit card

Posted by / 13-Feb-2020 19:26

I have seen girls get a square account and get guys to swipe a card on their phone to have money electronically pulled from their credit or debit card into the girl’s bank account.

I would expect the average to be closer to one third – so if a customer if tipping you in a show, you may only get of that if other affiliates and expenses are getting paid.

Most credit processing systems will cancel your account and thus your ability to process cards in the future if you have “too many” chargebacks as well.

Third party processors tend to handle fraud better, but there may be times when someone wants to send you money, but the processor will not accept their payment – for whatever reason.

Places that hold money for a few weeks before paying are likely to be more consistent.

Places that say they pay more and pay faster concern me – how are they handling chargebacks, and how are they making money if they are promising you so much and the affiliates that promote them.

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Direct to you payments put the burden of dealing with fraud and such on you for the most part.

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