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He could just beat his chest or pick his asshole, whatever.

Wouldn’t you watch a show where, when they cut to the host, it was just a gorilla picking his asshole? “Or if you cut to a gorilla, who was behind the set of a cooking show, with all this food set up, like he’s going to make something.

“˜Oh, he’s not here, I’ll take a message.’ That was it.” Unfortunately, “Shipmates” has kept Hardwick in New York, and away from his apartment in Westwood, and usual haunts like Madison’s on Broxton Avenue.

Until then he’ll have to be content with the oh-so-horrible work schedule.

Most of the work is actually done by the camera crews that follow the daters and the editors that cut the episodes. “The producers and editors get together and create story lines …

things that didn’t necessarily happen the way that you see it,” Hardwick said. That’s what reality television does; they shoot hundreds of hours of footage and then they have to, you know, no one wants to watch real real life, it’s boring.” “I went to the “˜Real World’ house in Miami. Someone answered the phone, that was the most eventful thing we saw the whole time.

’” Celebrity love-making aside, things haven’t always been peaches and cream for the UCLA alum. I don’t want to do another “˜Blind Date.’” At the same time, Hardwick was vying for the coveted second banana spot on Comedy Central’s “Win Ben Stein’s Money.” “I did a run-through with Ben and it was great, and it was a lot of fun …Still, Hardwick is less than enthusiastic to draw the parallel between the success of “Singled Out” and reality dating shows like “Shipmates.” “I don’t know if what’s going on now is necessarily part of the same trend …I think what’s going on now is more from the “˜reality’ branch than it is from “˜Singled Out,’ because we really didn’t follow those people afterwards.It also is collaborating on a scripted series with Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum.Caroline Christopher, formerly director of development for National Geographic Television and among those who helped launch Peacock Productions, has been hired as VP Development and Production.

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“My work schedule on “˜Shipmates’ is so easy that literally a gorilla could do it …

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