Short guys dating obstacles

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Short guys dating obstacles

Suffice to say that she expressed feelings of insecurity associated with her height as a young woman and as a result avoided any activity which drew attention to her height. As she gained more self confidence and maturity she no longer avoided these activities or dating men shorter than herself.

Hey I'm 5'3, just dated my first short guy. I will admit I felt quite self conscious about it initially.

Of course, some will be exclusively interested in taller men, but it's a notable late introduction of women who are flexible with respect to height into the dating pool.

I think this true, and while it is not worth getting too bent out of shape over anymore than "thin people and pretty people generally have an easier time," it is a very backhanded compliment for a short man to hear that he is a woman's second, non-sexual choice for a partner.Older men dating younger women are often taller, since sufficiently tall men are scarce at any age, while women holding out for taller men are numerous at any age, including when they're younger; many such younger women are more willing to compromise on age than on height, dating older, taller men rather than available men their own age who are shorter.The flip side of this is that older women who don't care much about height are in an excellent position to date younger men, since single shorter men exist in excess at all ages.The other notable exception is a shift and relaxation of standards when people transition between "I'm just looking to have fun" and "Okay, enough fun, now I'm looking for a life partner." In some cases, "fun" is replaced by "post-graduate education" or "career development." It's possible that some women become more willing to date shorter men as these priorities shift; in practice, I expect these would mostly be women who were always at least theoretically willing to date shorter men but were previously deferring settling down (and perhaps putting off dating for years at a time, or else restricting themselves to FWB situations and casual pickups) until the right time, and now's the right time.In many cases it's not really so much that these women relax their standards as that they turn more attention to serious dating than when they were younger.

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The general feeling I’m getting is that if I remain fit, positive, and patient, I can expect people to be more open to dating me in my thirties.

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