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Show luo jolin tsai dating

During her childhood years, Tsai developed an interest in singing and experimented with different vocal techniques after listening to the songs of popular female singers such as Teresa Teng and Faye Wong.Acting career During the two years she faced conflicts with her recording company Universal Music before signing with Sony Music Entertainment (Taiwan), she pursued an acting career.Jolin Tsai, born on 15 September 1980, is a Taiwanese Golden Melody Award-winning Mandopop singer, dancer and actor.Tsai was the second top earner among Taiwanese singers in 2010 behind Jay Chou, with earnings of US.51 million that year. Early life Though Tsai was introverted and shy as a child, she studied English intensively during her youth and eventually majored in English Literature at Fu Jen Catholic University.At her side is Vivian, who also has his head leaning on his right arm in a similar pose.Vivian’s left arm is propping up Jolin, and he looks quite caring as he gazes at her.She debuted in the soap series "HI,上班女郎" with actor Show Luo.The series about a female worker enduring the taboo of dating her own superior in the office became a huge hit that allowed Tsai's fans to follow her amid her time off singing.

However, according to an insider who claimed to be the 36 year-old singer’s close friend, the pair broke up due to Vivian’s immature personality and flirtatious ways.

Although Jolin and Vivian have been dating for the past six years, this marks the first time they have released an official photograph of themselves showing off their love together.

Fans were understandably thrilled at seeing the photograph, with some shouting “I’ve waited six years!

” The 2 were together for 1 hour, and seemed to know that the media were guarding outside.

First, they got the hotel staff to act as bodyguards to walk them out, and then Jolin’s manager sheiled Jolin, and they left quickly.

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