Sinhala dating

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Sinhala dating

I've had Tamil friends that have helped me a lot throughout my life.

There was also some bad experience but I feel that race shouldn't be held accountable for someone's bad behavior.

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I'm dating a Tamil guy and I have to keep it as a secret because my parents are completely against it. I'm already turning 27 and I feel really depressed about this situation.

I don't understand what's with the extreme hate. I don't want to cause a controversial issue here. But you can find it everywhere in the world I feel that most sinhalese who live in Sri Lanka today do not hate tamils.

For instance, the Buddhist literature of the Theravada-Buddhists of Sri Lanka, written in Pali, used Sinhala script.

In 1736 the Dutch were the first to print with Sinhala type on the island.

Largely, such hate is very rare nowadays in both communities. While dating we had broken up for a while due to her parents but eventually said f u to them and got married.The resulting type followed the features of that of the native Sinhala script practiced on palm leaves.The Dutch created type was monolinear and geometric in fashion with no separation between words in early documents.Onlanka Friends - Meet Happy Sri Lankan singles online for dating, friendship or love. is totally Free Sri Lanka dating site with thousands of active members.Sinhala script (Sinhala: සිංහල අක්ෂර මාලාව; Siṁhala Akṣara Mālāva), also known as Sinhalese script, is a writing system used by the Sinhalese people and most Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka and elsewhere to write the Sinhala language, as well as the liturgical languages Pali and Sanskrit.

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Your parents may be harbouring that residual hatred from being a part of the generation which saw the most tension between our people. If your parents actually open up to interacting with Tamil people and seeing them as well, people they will find it easier to accept them.