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I figure it’s high time someone put together a resource for men to gather some of the best advice on the planet in this subject.Look, we weren’t taught how to build and cultivate happy and healthy relationships in school, but it’s certainly not too late to learn how to develop these skills now! They consist of the very best relationship, dating, and lifestyle experts in the world; all of whom possess incredibly esteemed backgrounds and trackrecords of proven success.Instead, be the best version of yourself; be confident without being pushy, interested without being nosy, and attentive without being creepy.Let them see the real you, because at the end of the day, that’s who you want them to like.SMELL THE DESPERATION Even if you’ve not managed to secure a date for a month, a year or since Reagan was in The Whitehouse, focus your energy on keeping your desperation at bay: women can smell it in a crowded bar from 20 paces.Get things in perspective: you’re just popping over for a chat, saying hi, seeing if you click. A FINE LINE Despite what you might have read elsewhere, unless you’ve the acting chops of Leonardo Di Caprio – and the looks to go with it – at all costs avoid a ‘line.’ You may think, “Somebody call God because he’s missing an angel” is totally hilarious, but a) it’s not and b) even if it was, you can’t deliver that line with the merest hint of authenticity. It’s not you, it says nothing about you, and it places you amongst the throngs of men who have nothing original to say.Guys are often left shaking their heads in pure bewilderment when it comes to different aspects of their relationship.Their wives, girlfriends, or partners of some sort or another, just seem to constantly throw curveball after curveball at them, and their left wondering what to do.

When you don’t follow through, you weaken your integrity. Eventually, she’ll nag you because she doesn’t trust you to mean what you say.Without giving up on their loved ones, they fight back; but this often leads to more stress and even more relationship imbalance.You see men aren’t schooled in this department of life.When she’s aware, there’s evidence that confirms her suspicion(s) about your behavior.When she’s insecure, there may be only speculation that stems from her lack of stability or ability in herself.

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It’s not the end of the world if you don’t, there’ll be another one along in a minute. IF SHE’S HOT, SHE ALREADY KNOWS While it’s always tempting to gush when faced with a beautiful woman, just imagine the lines and lines of men before you that have done exactly that.