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Speed dating in detroit mi

Pankin said one advantage of being a nonprofit is that companies like IPXI aren't seen as the enemy.

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Auto Harvest raised more than 0,000 from grants and member fees and had 7,000 in revenue in 2012, according to its 990 tax form.

Info Ready is developing the upgraded version of Auto Harvest's members-only marketplace portal, due to go live by the end of summer.• What Auto Harvest calls the Innovation Hub was launched on the site last year.

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker told the Detroit Economic Club that the Patent Office had signed a memorandum of understanding to share patent information on the Auto Harvest website.• The U. Department of Defense recently entered information on 70 of its research labs nationwide into the Auto Harvest database. has gathered data, including contact information for researchers, from 83,000 Small Business Innovation Research grants and Small Business Technology Transfer grants made by 12 federal agencies in the past 13 years.

Ian Mc Clure, director of IPXI, said Auto Harvest has created a niche for earlier-stage tech collaboration and will create a funnel to IPXI as the technology advances.

"For every R&D stage, there's a need; companies are asking, 'Do I spend R&D on developing this technology or look for what's already out there? IPXI launched its first licensing deal recently, involving 600 patents associated with organic light-emitting diode technologies for display screens from Koninklijke Philips N. The licenses are being sold as five square meters of OLED panels per license, which is enough for 700 smartphones, Mc Clure said.

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When the Tech Town-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit was announced in August 2011, co-founder and CEO Jayson Pankin, who previously spent seven years helping Delphi Corp.

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