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Speed dating montreal quebec

How often do you get to meet an entrepreneur to pick their brain in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere?

Sometimes all a future entrepreneur needs is a mentor and a nudge in the right direction.

Youth representative for ACCESS Open Minds, a 5 year national project to improve and innovate youth mental health care.

™ Erica Diamond is a leading Women’s Expert in Lifestyle, Entrepreneurship and Balance.

Brittany Dalfen Creator of Sayfespace, Co-founder of Psych Central Founder of Sayfespace, a social network in development for CEGEP and University students to talk about mental health issues they are dealing with in a one-on-one, real-time and anonymous chat.

Co-founder of Psych Central, an after-school high school program that teaches students about mental health in an interactive and discussion based setting as well as promotes mental wellness throughout the school.

This quality allowed her learn Spanish and Italian leading her to speak 5 languages.

As a social media trainer, she undertake new or existing social communities, develops creative strategies and tactics, and implements a plan that benefits the brand.

These locations were closely followed by Quebec, in November 2015, and Végé, in June 2016 (located in the original establishment on St-André street, in Montreal); then came Victoriaville, in September 2017 and Sherbrooke, in October 2017!

At L’Gros Luxe, Alex offers a playful cocktail menu as well as an accessible food menu showcasing more than 50% of the items being vegetarian and has now added a 100% vegetarian restaurant.

In November 2015, Erica founded her fourth venture, HADRY, a patent-pending fashion invention for women.

Erica Diamond was named to the coveted list of The Top 20 Women in Canada as well as FORBES Magazine’s Top 100 Sites for Women and FORBES 25 Most Influential Women in Entrepreneurship on Twitter.

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With all that in hand, Taïna and her company have accumulated over 400 clients, made an appearance on “Dans l’oeuil du Dragon” the Quebec version of the “Dragon’s Den” from which she left with a very enviable deal!