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Well it’s time to change that because if you plan on doing any traveling while abroad, it’s going to be up to you to make it happen.What better way to start than with your first transoceanic flight to your abroad university half way around the world?Just be prepared for high rates, and remember the longer you wait, the more expensive it could be.Finally, pay attention to baggage weight restrictions.They are specially designed for students and have tons of flexibility in terms of fares, travel dates and This has been a favorite of mine for a long time.It’s really all about your comfort level, and of course your budget.The first would be to contact your home university and see if they will deduct the cost of your flight from your tuition bill.

Some airlines will charge you big bucks to change your return date, others might do it free of charge.

I’ve found that most times, flights with layovers in Europe are actually much cheaper than flights with layovers in the States.

However, if your options are Newark in the good old US of A or Charles de Gaulle in France, and it’s your first time making your way through a major airport (not to mention that you don’t know French), then taking a layover in the States and paying the extra hundred bucks or so might be the better option.

I had to pay an additional 0 dollars to get my clubs over to Scotland (well worth it by the way, and still cheaper than shipping them over via courier service).

There isn’t really a way around this – just be aware of what the costs are, and compare airlines as there’s a chance some might charge you even for a second bag.

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