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There was so much foolery with so little time in entertainment this week.Celebrities continued to be their publicists’ worst nightmares, so let’s get into the tea.According to Vibe, Iman had a relationship with Sophia when he was with Teyana Taylor.Before any more reports could come to light about this alleged relationship, Iman thought of putting an end to it before it could even begin.The feud between Pusha T and Drake made the name Sophie Brussaux quite a popular one as it alleged that the rapper has an alleged child with her.However, Drake wasn't the only name that was linked to Sophia.Drake and Sophia had been spotted together back in 2017 but they were in a relationship only for a brief period.

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He also said he didn't think she was an actual porn star. Check it: THe NBA baller sat down with Angela Yee and her "Lip Service" podcast crew where he revealed he gave Teyana a list of all the chicks he hit/dealt with.

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